The Awateef Project by Knockoutdesign and Sindyanna of Galilee

 - Oct 31, 2011
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Polish design firm Knockoutdesign and the Jewish-Arab non-profit organization Sindyanna of Galilee have collaborated on the Awateef project, a special project for a women's weaving center in Israel.

For the Awateef (meaning "feelings") project, Knockoutdesign offered its rattan basket, vase and lamp designs for the women to craft at the weaving center. While the rattan basket designs are similar to traditional Arab baskets, the lamp and vase designs are unique to Knockoutdesign and were created by the firm specifically for this project.

The weaving center is located in the village of Kfar Manda, which has the highest percentage of unemployment in Israel. To help women living in this community, Sindyanna originally opened the weaving center to "revive the traditional craft of rattan weaving and give working opportunities to the local women," describes DesignEast.