ATX Architekti Built a Modern House with an Underground Wine Cellar

 - Jan 2, 2017
References: & archdaily
ATX Architekti, a Czech studio, recently built a house in the rural town of Blansko, Czech Republic, that is inspired by organic shapes despite its distinctly modern appearance. According to the architects, the clients were looking for a unique building that was not "just another modern functionalist box," and so the resultant house uses curved forms to blend in to the environment.

One of the most striking design aspects of the house by ATX Architekti is the nearby wine cellar. Though the majority of the cellar is underground in order to better monitor temperature and humidity levels, it is extended up to the surface with an outdoor terrace. That terrace is left uncovered, turning the wine cellar into another convenient and attractive area for relaxing or entertaining guests that the residents frequently have over.