This Artsy Foodie Travels Across North America Drawing His Burritos

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: theburritobook.tumblr & lostateminor
Artsy foodie 'Random Cushing' created an online food journal where he posts hand-drawn images of each burrito he consumes. The creative travel diary documents his tour across North America in the form of burrito artworks.

Each image is delightfully illustrated in a cartoon and watercolor hybrid style. The images depict each burrito with accurate details. Additionally, he credits the locations by drawing a restaurant's name and its logo in the top corner of each page.

While burritos are a traditional Mexican dish, this artsy foodie indulges in various locations such as Texas, Utah, California and Oregon. In addition to the images, each burrito is ranked using a strategic category system. The categories include roll, which refers to the presentation. There is also ingredients, dispersal of the ingredients and the sauce. This clever journal presents a unique and personal travel souvenir.