Artist Hasan Kale Paints Tiny Works of Art on Itty Bitty Pieces of Meals

 - Jun 22, 2014
References: facebook & boredpanda
Talented Turkish artist Hasan Kale has a knack for creating tiny painting portraits on various pieces of food. No matter the edible canvas' size, Kale is able to paint a beautiful and lifelike portrait of either a landscape, face or body with precise brushstrokes to create breathtaking food paintings.

Kale's canvases often vary in size and food type. His latest works include paintings done on coffee beans, squares of chocolate, pretzels, almonds and even peanuts. Once Kale selects his edible canvas, he chooses a landscape or beautiful Renaissance-inspired body to replicate onto the itty bitty food item. While this feat seems nearly impossible, somehow Kale is able to transcribe the detail of large scale objects onto tiny spaces with expert precision and talent. One of my favorite pieces by Kale is a chocolate bar square covered in a sepia landscape of a harbor.