Artem Krepkiy Brings an Analog Grittiness Back to the Art Community

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: & bldgwlf
These Artem Krepkiy illustrations are a breath of fresh air to anyone who's become bored with the glossy and refined look of digital renderings. Krepkiy bares all of his rough edges and mistakes for the world to see, which gives his images character in a way that sterile computer graphics cannot.

Artem Krepkiy currently resides in Kiev, Ukraine. His illustrations often ignore proper anatomical proportions, which gives his work an element of surrealism. His harsh pencil strokes define his style and it's amazing he doesn't rip the paper he's drawing on when he presses down so hard. He uses this ability to create dramatic shadows and to define value in his subjects.

Artem Krepkiy also dabbles in painting and those pieces also maintain the trademark roughness present in his other works.