Ubisoft's Amazing Street Hack Prank Lets You Control the City

 - May 20, 2014
References: watchdogs.ubi & prexamples
The 'Amazing Street Hack' was set up in the form of a prank to promote Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs.' In the video game, players experience the world as Aiden Pearce, a hacker who uses the city of Chicago as a weapon—this prank gives people a taste of this power in the real world.

The prank begins when people unwittingly enter a cell phone repair shop and an enthusiastic clerk offers a fix and a mysterious app, free of charge. With the app, people are able to turn off and on lights, which is demonstrated first with an indoor light, then a car, then a street light. However, messing around with traffic lights of course, has some pretty dramatic consequences, as the prank victims soon find out.