BlackNerdComedy Re-Creates the Alien Chest Bursting Scene with Puppets

 - May 22, 2013
References: laughingsquid
The Alien chest bursting scene has become an iconic moment in film since its premiere over 30 years ago. The scene has been re-created countless times by countless filmmakers but now a YouTube-based comedy troupe, BlackNerdComedy, has tackled the scene in a new way.

Using only homemade materials, BlackNerdComedy has managed to re-create the scene to great comedic effect. Instead of using a ton of technology to produce the baby alien a sock puppet was used created out of masking tape, fake teeth and, of course, an old sock.

This film proves that re-creating something doesn't mean that creativity isn't involved. By being able to transform an iconic horror scene into a goofy parody, BlackNerdComedy has shown that creativity can manifest itself in anything from hi-tech CGI to sock puppets.