- Apr 17, 2008
References: adultvest & business.timesonline
A what bank? A little bizarre, but read on! Los Angeles is home to the world's first adult entertainment investment bank in Beverly Hills, as noted by the business section of The Times.

AdultVest is an "investment bank that concentrates its practice exclusively on adult industry investments, mergers and acquisitions," as the site describes it.

The company founded Frank Koenig recently acquired, and judging by Koenig's experience as NYC hedge fund specialist and employee of Merrill Lynch, this company has major potential.

"Our online investment community ( is now growing at the rate of $300 Million USD per week, and quite a few of the companies listed have successfully secured funding through our online marketplace," Koenig says.

"The public wants to invest in this industry, but there are not enough opportunities out there in the public market. We are working to create those opportunities. Transparency and liquidity builds credibility and investor confidence, which ultimately drives the price of a company higher. I believe this is the formula to unlocking value in some of the adult industry's hidden gems. Wait till you see what we have in store."