Coca-Cola's a Generous World Commercial Follows One Kind Act with Another

 - Mar 4, 2015
References: us.coca-cola & adsoftheworld
A Generous World is a sweet commercial from Coca-Cola that shows people passing on what would have been their sodas. The ad starts off with a guy about to take a sip from a bottle of Coke, when he spots a woman who is disheartened by her broken guitar string. This woman goes on to give the soda to another in need, and this pattern continues as things get worse and worse for each person, including a man who washes up from being stranded in the ocean, to a guy who's hotdog stand is destroyed by a meteor.

Although A Generous World gets more outrageous as it goes on, it's still a funny way to remind people that someone always has it worse than you and could use a pick-me-up.