Artery-Clogging Cuisine

 - Sep 27, 2008
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The Green Bar and Grill in London is offering a 6,000-calorie menu inspired by Antarctic explorer Earnst Shackleton. It is the polar opposite of the healthy diet that most restaurants are promoting today.

The £75 four-course feast honors the exploits of Shackleton, who tried and failed to become the first person to reach the South Pole over a century ago. It contains the recommended amount of calories a grown woman should eat in three days--or one, if you were on Shackleton’s failed journey.

It stinks more of PR than charity, but they say that £10 from each meal sold will go towards an attempt by descendants of Shackleton who try to complete the mission their ancestors failed back next year. The leader of this group said: "Obviously this isn’t a meal for the faint-hearted, but I’m sure there are a few people in the city who’ll be up for the challenge." Either that or a heart attack!