This Innovative 3D Printing Material Rivals the Look of Handmade Ceramic

 - Dec 9, 2016
References: tethon3d & fastcodesign
Just by looking at an object that's created with Tethonite, a ceramic compound 3D printing material, one would be hard-pressed to say whether it was made by hand or additive manufacturing.

While 3D printing has been proved to be extremely advantageous for rapid prototyping, it often leaves objects looking raw, unrefined and in need of finishing. Tethonite sets itself apart in this respect; when the 3D-printed ceramic compound is fired and cured, it takes on the look of an object that's been carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques.

The applications for ceramics and Tethonite go well beyond pottery. There are some companies in technology that are interested in the material because it's hard, luminous and when paired with other complementary materials, it can be incredibly resilient.