10th Avenue Tea's 'Dirty Matcha' Blends Instant Coffee and Matcha

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: 10thavenuetea
10th Avenue Tea is introducing an all-new way for consumers to enjoy green tea matcha powder hot or cold with its convenient shaker bottle system. The product comes in a bottle with a shaker cap that can be twisted open to dispense the powder directly into a cup for drinking, with no spoon required for scooping.

These shakable green tea powders are offered in a number of flavors, including Mocha Mint, Chai Tea and Berry Herbal. One of the most standout products form 10th Avenue Tea is its 'Dirty Matcha,' which is a blend of instant coffee and matcha powder. As 10th Avenue Tea says: "We recommend adding 4-6 shakes of Dirty Matcha tea powder to your mug first and then add 1 cup of hot or cold water."

At the New Hope NEXTY Awards at Expo West 2017, 10th Avenue Tea was recognized for creating the Best New Packaging Innovation.