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Steampunk Trends

Elaborate Steampunk Timepieces
Elaborate Steampunk Timepieces
The EER Steam-Powered Entropy Watch Hides a Galvanic Scale within
The EER Steam-Powered Entropy Watch is a steampunk-style accessory for those who are looking for a watch that conveys a distinct sense of antiquated aesthetics with a modern functionality.... MORE
Unconventional Luxury Timepieces
Unconventional Luxury Timepieces
The HM9 Flow Appears More as a Wrist-Worn Kinetic Sculpture
Luxury watches are often explorations of mechanics and art but the HM9 Flow stands out as an undeniably beautiful timepiece that looks more like a kinetic sculpture. The unconventional, curvilinear... MORE
Unique Story-Driven Spirits
Unique Story-Driven Spirits
Voodoo Priest Rum Builds Brand Identity Through Fiction
Originally crafted as a Christmas present for clients and production partners of Braue, Voodoo Priest rum has grown into an exclusive rum that features incredibly unique packaging. Unlike most... MORE
Modern Steampunk Glasses
Modern Steampunk Glasses
Yohji Yamamoto Launched a Gloomy Spring/Summer 2018 Eyewear Collection
Drawing inspiration from futurism, science fiction and the avant-garde movement, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto launches his Spring/Summer 2018 collection of steampunk glasses. The range includes... MORE
Wearable Horror Sculptures
Wearable Horror Sculptures
Liam Brandon Murray's Sculptures are Bold and Creepy
Liam Brandon Murray is definitely a skilled craftsman when it comes to making wearable horror sculptures. The amount of intricate detail, injected with architecture-like precision, serves as... MORE
Steampunk Motorcycle Designs
Steampunk Motorcycle Designs
This Futuristic Motorcycle Was Featured in the Sci-Fi Film 'LOST BOY'
This futuristic Motorcycle, which was brought to life in the sci-fi film ‘LOST BOY’ is a design conceptualized by Patrick A Razo and Ash Thorp. The bike is comprised of a long frame... MORE
Steampunk DIY Watches
Steampunk DIY Watches
This Nixie Tube Watch Has a 400mAH Battery and an Accelerometer
This DIY watch is created with the use of Nixie Tubes that take the place of a traditional analog or digital watch face in order to display the time in a modern yet retro way. The watch features a... MORE
Rockband-Inspired Timepieces
Rockband-Inspired Timepieces
The Led Zeppelin Tribute Watch Has Alligator Straps & the Zoso Symbol
This Led Zeppelin tribute watch incorporates many details from the timeless band’s music, album covers and themes. The design resembles the style of Steampunk, playing on 19th century... MORE
Conceptual Steampunk Coffee Makers
Conceptual Steampunk Coffee Makers
The Moon Coffee Makers is Perfect for Minimalists
For some, coffee is the most important part of one’s day, and caffeine enthusiasts are sure to flock to the Moon Coffee maker—a contemporary take on the household appliance that... MORE
Top 25 Watch Innovations in August
Top 25 Watch Innovations in August
From Blurred Face Timepieces to AI Smart Watches
The top August 2019 watches offer a look at the past, present and future of design. With the recent 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, many special edition watch designs have been... MORE
Top 45 Art Trends in September
Top 45 Art Trends in September
From Sneaker Stencil Kits to Intentionally Ugly Tattoos
Many people have the tendency to define art within small parameters, but the September 2017 art trends show that the innately human practice spans a broad set of media. For whatever reason, people... MORE
Decorative Steampunk Skulls
Decorative Steampunk Skulls
This Decorative Skull Has a Hidden Compartment for Secret Storage
Nothing says “stay out of my stuff” like Darwin’s decorative skull, which comes complete with hidden compartments to keep one’s belongings out of greedy hands. The steampunk... MORE
Glowing Steampunk Keychains
Glowing Steampunk Keychains
The 'Gaslight' Keychains Helps You Find Your Keys Quickly
The ‘Gaslight’ keychain is a new piece of equipment that will help you find your keys without having to implement any kind of connective technology or powered gadgets. The ‘... MORE
Retaliative Tear Guns
Retaliative Tear Guns
Yi-Fei Chen's 'Tear Gun' Fires Back at Those Who Cause Crying
Though it ostensibly looks like a deadly weapon from a steampunk fantasy, Yi-Fei Chen’s ‘Tear Gun’ design is unlikely to cause any substantial damage in the real world. It might... MORE
Industrial Steampunk Keyboards
Industrial Steampunk Keyboards
The 'Sojourner' Keyboard Looks Like a Set Piece from 'Mad Max'
Though computers weren’t around during the Industrial Revolution, if they were, their keyboards would look something like the ‘Sojourner’ keyboard from Plated in... MORE
Stackable Character Cans
Stackable Character Cans
Noble Rey Brewery's Canned Drinks Feature Quirky Figures
Most canned drinks include a small lip that allows the containers to be conveniently stacked atop one another, but few packaging designs take advantage of this feature for anything other than... MORE
play_circle_filled Magnetically Levitating Lamps
Magnetically Levitating Lamps
The Levitating Nixie Clock Makes Use Of Rare Earth Magnets
A Scottish electronics developer and designer by the name of Tony Adams has gone ahead and devised a truly innovative and exceptional levitating lamp that offers a wonderfully unique blend of high-... MORE
Tattoo Machine Prosthetics
Tattoo Machine Prosthetics
This Innovative Prosthesis Allows the Wearer to Perform Tattoos
Visual artist JL Gonzal has collaborated with tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet to create a wonderfully innovative prosthesis that allows Tenet—who lost his right arm 22 years ago—to tattoo... MORE
Steampunk-Style ATMs
Steampunk-Style ATMs
CIB Bank's 'Bankomat' is a Cash Machine Inspired by the 1800s
In order to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Budapest’s Grand Boulevard neighborhood, CIB Bank stepped up to create a cash machine that looked as if it was centuries old. The antique-... MORE
Wildcard Eyewear Promotions
Wildcard Eyewear Promotions
Esqape's Wild Pile Gift Box Features Three Mystery Styles
While mystery boxes are popular among cosmetic, skincare and jewelry retailers, fashion label Esqape is adapting the marketing tactic with its latest eyewear promotion. The brand’s Wild Pile... MORE
Candle-Powered Effects Pedals
Candle-Powered Effects Pedals
The Candela VibroPhase is a High-Tech Musical Steampunk Masterpieces
The Candela VibroPhase is a guitar effects pedal that isn’t powered by a plug-in power brick or a battery, but by an inexpensive tea candle. This beautiful brass steampunk contraption is... MORE
Steampunk Bird Pendants
Steampunk Bird Pendants
These Mechanical Pieces of Bird Jewelry are Made from Tiny Watch Parts
Online Etsy shop Nestre Jewellery created this series of stunning bird pendants inspired by a Steampunk aesthetic. Each brass-colored bird pendant is made from hand, and is constructed from a... MORE
Eccentric Castle Offices
Eccentric Castle Offices
The Office Features a Plethora of Unique Spaces
The office does not lack originality in any way – the office resides in an English castle, but that is where its traditional influences end. The office was designed by the firm... MORE
Coded Steampunk USBs
Coded Steampunk USBs
The Cryptex Antique Gold Flash Drives Includes an Exterior Lock System
The Cryptex Antique Gold Flash Drive is a merging of vintage and modern design with a USB that is able to hold up to 32-GB of information that is protected with an exterior lock system. The lock is... MORE