Liam Brandon Murray's Sculptures are Bold and Creepy

Liam Brandon Murray is definitely a skilled craftsman when it comes to making wearable horror sculptures. The amount of intricate detail, injected with architecture-like precision, serves as physical documentation of Murray's undeniable talent. The UK artist is a "self-confessed detail freak," who draws inspiration from a variety of sources and movements that all have a grotesque and ominous aesthetic in common. Relying on structural elements from Roman architecture and Gothic cathedrals, Murray incorporates distinctly noticeable steampunk and futurist components.

The wearable horror sculptures have already gained recognition and earned an award from the World of Wearable Arts in New Zealand. With definite vibes of a Guillermo del Toro-esque cinematic universe, perhaps a next possible step for Murray's career is a venture in film costume and decor.