- Feb 20, 2019
These adorable interactive playground designs present an eclectic view of how the predominantly kid-focused spaces are constructed through imaginative architecture and attention to detail. There is a certain whimsicality to a lot of these examples and each one of them has the potential to effortlessly arouse excitement in children and bring about notes of nostalgia to the adults that are accompanying them. One of these interactive playground designs would be Spencer Luckey's gender-neutral and mushroom-inspired indoor installation. Another would be the concept for the upside-down house by Alma-nac.

A transition from interactive, play-enabling spaces to artistic-focused objects can be observed through the five works by Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi that were exhibited in Tokyo, while other instances like Matt + Fiona's project assist kids with autism.

From Upside-Down House Playgrounds to Bouncy Art Playgrounds: