Yi-Fei Chen's 'Tear Gun' Fires Back at Those Who Cause Crying

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: ddw.nl & dezeen
Though it ostensibly looks like a deadly weapon from a steampunk fantasy, Yi-Fei Chen's 'Tear Gun' design is unlikely to cause any substantial damage in the real world. It might bring on some much needed catharsis, however, as it allows someone who has cried to seek out poetic revenge.

Crying doesn't always feel good, especially when those tears were brought about by a slight or insult from another person. The Tear Gun weaponizes those hurt feelings. It uses a silicon under one eye to gather up the users tears. Those tears are then frozen in a bottle, and the frozen tear pellets can be fired back out of the gun -- ideally at the person who caused them in the first place.

Yi-Fei Chen conceived of the Tear Gun after a confrontation with her tutor at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.