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Ashes Trends

Beer-Flavored Teas
Beer-Flavored Teas
Victoria Bitter Mimics the Taste and Aroma of Beer for a Unique Experience
Victoria Bitter offers consumers the experience of beer without the alcohol content. The innovation is curious and will, without a doubt, entice individuals for a number of reasons, especially if... MORE
Protected End-of-Life Forests
Protected End-of-Life Forests
Better Place Forests Provides Green Burial Options
Research has shown that the costs of funeral services and burials are on the rise and at the same time, many people are interested in green burial options. Better Place Forests is a start-up that is... MORE
Portable Ammo Box Grills
Portable Ammo Box Grills
The C4 Portable Grills are Made Tough to Withstand Any Camping Trip
With summer upon us, the C4 Portable Grills come as a compact and rugged solution to help ensure that you never have to worry about not being able to barbecue your favorite meal wherever the season... MORE
Deceased Pet Planting Eggs
Deceased Pet Planting Eggs
'Reborn' Incorporates Pet Ashes to Grow a Commemorative Plant
Losing a pet is never easy for anyone, so ‘Reborn’ is designed as a natural way to remember your furry friend by incorporating pet ashes right into the design of the product itself. The &#... MORE
Ergonomic Cigar Ashtrays
Ergonomic Cigar Ashtrays
Screwpop's Cigar Accessory is the Perfect Smoking Companion
The ‘Screwpop Ashtray’ is a cigar accessory that allows consumers to stylishly rest their cigar on its surface in a variety of positions and monitor it as the ashes are cleanly deposited... MORE
Fireproof Cigarette Holders
Fireproof Cigarette Holders
The 'Moonlight' Cigarette Holder is a Chic Way to Encapsulate a Smoke
It could be argued that the prevalence of vaporizers and ecigarettes is driving down the smoking of actual cigarettes, but for those that still partake the ‘Moonlight’ cigarette holder... MORE
Glass Art Urns
Glass Art Urns
These Artful Ashes Urns Turn the Deceased Into Beautiful Glasswork
Seattle-based company Artful Ashes have devised a way to turn late loved ones into beautiful pieces of glass art. While most cremated individuals are either placed inside of a beautiful urn or... MORE
Cigarette Ash Portraits
Cigarette Ash Portraits
These Striking Grayscale Portraits Were Done Using Nothing but Ash
Japanese Artist Shin Shinrashige has found a highly creative outlet for one of his bad habits by utilizing everyday cigarette ash. This portrait series by Shinrashige was constructed by carefully... MORE
Bespoke Planter Cremation Urns
Bespoke Planter Cremation Urns
The 'Planturn' Provides a Subtle Way to Keep a Loved Ones Ashes
The ‘Planturn’ has been created as a bespoke vessel for keeping a loved ones remains close by that speaks to the design needs of modern consumers. Traditional urns have one set design... MORE
Pop Super Hero Collaborations
Pop Super Hero Collaborations
Celine Dion's Ashes Video Promotes the Upcoming 'Deadpool 2'
Ahead of the release of ‘Deadpool 2’, the sequel to the wildly successful and popular R-rated superhero movie from 2016, Ryan Reynolds and his gang of goofballs have collaborated with... MORE
play_circle_filled Spooky Animated Makeup Tutorials
Spooky Animated Makeup Tutorials
The Addams Family's Wednesday Shared Her Classic Look Online
In preparation for the release of The Addams Family in a few days, MGM shared an animated makeup tutorial featuring Wednesday Addams. As ever, the daughter of Gomez and Morticia appears with her... MORE
play_circle_filled Wedding-Ready Burger Rings
Wedding-Ready Burger Rings
Burger King Celebrates Pride with a Wedding Ring Made from the Whopper
The fast food establishment takes the burger ring to the next level. Love is love and Pride is all about that. During this month of celebration, many brands take the opportunity to express support MORE
DIY Incense Kits
DIY Incense Kits
'SMULD HOUSE' Helps Consumers Craft Their Own Home Fragrances
When it comes to scenting one’s home, consumers often feel limited to the fragrances offered by brands in the form of room sprays, potpourri sachets and pre-made diffuser blends—but SMULD... MORE
DNA-Infused Tattoo Ink
DNA-Infused Tattoo Ink
Everence Ink Helps Consumers Mark Their Skin with a Loved Ones DNA
Everence ink is enabling consumers to get tattoos that are infused with the unique ingredient of human DNA. This latest innovation in tattoo design means that individuals can pay homage to a loved... MORE
Space-Saving Gravesites
Space-Saving Gravesites
This Modern Tombstone Efficiently Encases an Entire Family's Remains
Sustainable burial has most lately been a topic on the minds of many world-wide. This concept for a modern tombstone is a well-considered compromise related to the issue of in-demand real estate for... MORE
Cremation Ashes Ceramic Dishware
Cremation Ashes Ceramic Dishware
Chronicle Cremation Design Turns Remains into Dinnerware
Whether to help carry on the memory of a loved one or for artistic purposes, Chronicle Cremation Design can create ceramic dishware using the crematory remains of a person. The process is the... MORE
Cremated Vinyl Records
Cremated Vinyl Records
Vinyly Creatively Preserves Deceased People as Analog Music Discs
For consumers thinking long and hard about how they would like to be remembered past their final days, perhaps the brand Vinyly can offer a creative solution with their service that preserves the... MORE
play_circle_filled Stylish Survival Webseries
Stylish Survival Webseries
The 'End Times Girls Club' Offers Tips for Keeping Cute Post-Apocalypse
The ‘End Times Girls Club’ is a quirky YouTube series from Rose Schlossberg and Mara Nelson-Greenberg that’s branded as “your ultimate guide to a popular survival” post-... MORE
play_circle_filled WiFi Memorial Urns
WiFi Memorial Urns
The Bios Urn Uses WiFi to Let People Monitor Memorial Plants' Health
The Bios Urn is a high-tech memorial urn, developed by aptly named Barcelona-based company Bios Urn, that makes it easier than ever for you to use the cremation ashes of a dear one to grow a tree.... MORE
Redemption Songwriter Covers
Redemption Songwriter Covers
Justin Bieber Shows off a Matured Look and Attitude for GQ Magazine
GQ magazine’s recently cover stars celebrity and songwriter Justin Bieber, showcasing the young star rising from the ashes with a matured look to match his story of recent redemption. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Sentimental Whisky Ads
Sentimental Whisky Ads
This Whiskey Ad Recites a Poem as a Man Spreading His Brother's Ashes
This sentimental whiskey ad for Johnnie Walker follows the emotional story of a man spreading his deceased brother’s ashes in their childhood homeland. The ad incorporates a touching poem... MORE
Diseased Bird Furniture
Diseased Bird Furniture
Emilie van Spronsen's H5N8 Series is Made From Bird Flu-Diagnosed Chickens
Designer Emilie van Spronsen has launched a new series of designs which have been made with Bird Flu chicken byproducts. Chickens byproducts are often used in furniture and decor for pillow... MORE
Coral Reef Burials
Coral Reef Burials
'Hawaii Memorial Reefs' Turns People's Remains into Coral Reefs
Instead of cremations or burials, environmentally conscious people are looking for more sustainable ways to handle their remains when their time comes, and Hawaii Memorial Reefs has just such a... MORE
Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry
Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry
This Jewelry Can Be Worn by Owners to Memorialize Their Pets
This pet jewelry is made from parts of owners’ beloved animals in an unusual but highly personalized service. Called the ‘House of Amity,’ the jewelry brand aims to celebrate the... MORE