From Glowing Heels to Basket-Weaved Footwear

 - Jan 17, 2012
Many people consider wedges to be a practical, less outrageous alternative to skyhigh, stiletto heels, but this gallery of wild wedges demonstrates that the stiletto's chunkier cousin is no stranger to crazy designs.

From hollow wedge heels to platforms in the shape of hearts and tribal designs, to those that are studded and rhinestone-adorned, these wild wedges are perfect for the girls who like to make a statement with their shoe choices.

From legendary shoe designers like Christian Louboutin to affordable alternatives at stores like Aldo, it seems that wedges are getting higher and more intricate and are able to compete with skyscraper stilettos in terms of style.

Check out this gallery of wild wedges and get ready to feel some serious shoe envy.