From Cross-Eyed Opossums to Feline Sleepovers

 - Jan 31, 2011   Updated: Apr 2 2011
Although humans aren't always fans of every season (I'm getting sick of winter in Canada), these wicked wild animals sure get around to all types of climates.

This list includes the famous cross-eyed opossum, dangerous encounters, and even capitalization on Bigfoot. Check out these featured wicked wild animals and take a step onto the wild side.

Implications - Wild animals represent the antithesis of modern society: they're uncontrolled, violent and sometimes quite bloodthirsty. Fashion designers, artists and marketers have used inspiration from wild animals to imbue their creations with a sense of liberation, ferocity and freedom from restraint. Animal prints are the most obvious incarnation of this phenomenon, but wild animals also find their way into other industries.