Taming the Anteater

 - Sep 8, 2008
References: anteaterentertainment & darkroastedblend
A bold statement is that this pair are the cutest looking animals I have seen for a long time.

TamanduaGirl, from Anteater Entertainment, keeps two South American anteaters as pets IN her house, and she named them Pua and Stewie.

These dudes look so happy and laid back that it overrules the fact that anteaters as pets is just wrong and not to be recommended. There is the thorny issue of keeping wild animals as pets, but to be fair, they could not look more relaxed in these pictures. Apparently they are very smart and know how to open the fridge, open the doors and so forth. They also appear to sleep under the duvet like my one cat fur-producing machine, Fish. Now that would be strange.