From Canine Hipster Clothing to Feline Humiliation Helmets

 - Oct 20, 2011
Halloween is not only a fun holiday for humans; it can be a fun time for your pet as well -- that is, if you use this list of pet costumes to help you outfit your cuddly creature for the occasion.

Your pet may not particularly like having to wear a wig, a moustache or a Stars Wars getup at first, but after you give it some pet-friendly Halloween treats, I'm sure it will succumb to your wishes. From doggie business ties, loungewear and body armor to cleopatra-inspired cat costumes and zombie outfits, the pet costume ideas are boundless. You can even match your pet's costume to your own if you wish. Whatever you decide, making your furry friend dress up in one of these pet costumers will definitely enliven your Halloween this year.