- Feb 2, 2011   Updated: Aug 30 2011
The tragic news of the Whistler Sled Dogs prompted this top list of canine fashion. From badass poochwear to classy canine jackets, these fancy dog accessories and garments will have your pooch looking dandy.

Nobody willing to spend big bucks dressing their furry friend in pricey clothing would ever condone the actions that were taken against the Whistler Sled Dogs. Hopefully, these people raise their voices and speak up for mankind's best friend.

Implications - The importance of aesthetically appealing products is constantly growing. Not only do audiences expect an item to be functional, but every purchase a buyer makes must also serve a visually appealing purpose. Appearance and functionality must work together in order for a business product to be successful.

In Light of the Tragic Whistler Sled Dogs News: