From Intergalactic Weddings to Elf-Inspired Nuptials

 - Jun 6, 2013
Wedding season is arriving, and with it comes a ton of wacky wedding ceremonies. For newly engaged couples, or those who just enjoy perusing unique wedding themes, these wacky wedding ideas might provide a good idea of how to make that special day even more precious.

Hardcore sci-fi fans are probably drooling over the sci-fi wedding ceremony which transformed the wedding party into iconic Star Wars characters. The groomsmen were even dressed up as identical stormtroopers. This idea could be applied to the bridesmaids, and even to the rest of the wedding. Star Wars desserts, photographs and outfits could be in the cards for those interested in a sci-fi themed wedding. For couples with a special furry friend, the lavish canine nuptials might be a perfect way to include a pampered pet on the wedding day. By allowing pets to act as ring bearers, or appear in the wedding photos, these furry friends will be forever memorialized as an integral part of the wedding party. The llama themed wedding is also perfect for animal lovers, although it features animals on a slightly larger scale than cuddly puppies. A

There is a wedding ceremony theme for everyone, even those with the most niche interests. These wacky wedding ideas prove that, with a little creativity and passion, wedding days can be tailored to suit the happy couple, making their big day the perfect celebration of their relationship.