‘Martine & Jim' Create Kooky Scenes for Their London Nuptials

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: offbeatbride & flickr
One of the wedding guest’s called their Facebook album of this wedding "Martine & Jim’s Unforgettable & Extreme Steampunk Wedding," which went to show that ten months of exhaustive planning, creating and designing prior to the wedding date of October 20, 2010 were not in vain.

The Steampunk Wedding 20-10-2010 invitation took around three months of spare time to create. Wooden USB sticks were engraved and then steampunked with tiny watch parts and brass chain, then distressed name tags were designed and attached, popped into organza bags and tied with ribbon in the wedding colors. On the USB were nine pages of interlinked PDF’s filled with details, intrigue and information about ‘steampunk’ and the wedding. The bride and groom wanted all of their guests to not only participate in dressing "steampunk," but they were also dedicated in attempting to suspend their guest’s "reality" on the day (which was a Wednesday afternoon in October!) and transport them to a steampunk world in the middle of London.

All of the guests dressed to excess and it was an awesome sight on the day! At one point, another wedding party, who were also having their ceremony at Pembroke Lodge (Richmond Park, London) gathered around this wedding event to take photos -- passers-by thought that it was a movie shoot!!

The 'Replendant Reception' was held at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, which was transformed using professional atmospheric lighting, Victorian-themed flowers and Kentia palms, ribbon and organza, music from steampunk movie soundtracks, various actors in Victorian guises (including a fire act called ‘Big Grey’) -- all to amuse and entertain reception guests on their arrival. They also had the biggest steam engine in the world up-and-running, alongside three other steam engines in the Main Hall. The joy of the silent steam engine motioned whilst wedding guests enjoyed a feast of guinea fowl, followed by a slice of the exquisite chocolate steampunk wedding cake, created an intoxicating atmosphere.

Jim made twelve working steampunk lamps/decorations and each table was named according to its lamps design and theme; such as the ‘Teslatic Teleportal Transmuter Coil’ table, the ‘Luminous Teleglow Projector’ table and the ‘Photonglobe Illuminator’ table.

They wanted the whole day to be not only unique and romantic, but a little bit other-worldly in it’s all consuming steampunked-ness. They completely loved and relished the day, though they say, it all happened too quickly to take it all in. Their only regret was not having more time to experience it!

Please feel free to visit this Flickr page for more on the lamps, steampunk outfits and more shots of the day.

Steampunk as a wedding theme? Highly recommended!!