From Vinyl-Friendly CD Players to Old Vinyl Lighting

 - Feb 1, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Vinyl is making a comeback! Whether it is via your favorite Motown record or a decal which adorns your Mac, using vinyl in your life calls upon the past to help keep you looking forward.

From vinyl-friendly CD players to old vinyl lighting, check out these 45 vinyl revivals. I'm going to go put on some Smokey Robinson.

Implications - Vinyl has often been considered something older generations, with their negative views of technological music advances, use. But then, we started seeing DJ spinning tracks on a turntable at a party and all of a sudden it's cool again. The fact is, vinyl is making a comeback as music enthusiasts being to realize that MP3s just don't cut it in terms of sound quality. Plus, with hipsters frequenting record shops and current bands releasing LPs, vinyls will receive more demand and remain in the marketplace.