A Journey Into the World of Bizarre Vinyl Art Toys

Recently, I had a chance to review the PhotoArtists book over at the The UncoolHunter.com. In short, the book is a journey into the world of bizrre vinyl toys. Here's my review:

Photoartists Daniel & Geo Fuchs, in collaboration with art collector Selim Varol, announced the launch of their latest photo book, TOYGIANTS â€" an epic journey into the bizarre and fantastic world of Art Toys, Action-figures and Manga Superstars. The book is published by the "Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg".
The market for vintage toys has been growing year on year. However in the last decade the market for newer collectables and designer vinyl or art toys has increased dramatically.

TOYGIANTS reflects this growth, presenting a unique look at how the boundaries between art and traditional toys are blurring. Andy Warhol's famous bob is trimmed by Edward Scissorhands, Osama Bin Laden attacking Bush with a cross or Hitler playing a war game as if he were a child are some of the freaky conceptual shots' section of the book. Close-up portraits of fictional heroes like Batman, Bruce Willis, and Rambo sit alongside effigies of real life villains such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

TOYGIANTS will be released in early summer (winter for the southern hemisphere) 2007. As well as the regular edition of 2500, there will be also a limited, numbered and signed edition of 300. This edition may be ordered at www.toygiants.com and contains one of 10 original C-Prints from the book. An exclusive portfolio edition of 20 will contain all of 10 of the original C-Prints".