Raphael Vinoly's Atlas Building Channels Retro Music

 - Sep 3, 2009
References: rvapc & designboom
Raphael Vinoly's design in the gallery above might be called the Atlas Building, but honestly, it should be re-christened and dubbed the Vinyl Record Cratechitecture. I mean, just take a gander at the photos. I almost expect to see a vast vintage turntable, or better yet, vinyl records stacked up into a funkified superstructure across the street.

Even the architects’ name is too good to be true: Raphael Vinoly. How poetic can you get? And if I was attending this Netherland University (which, by the way, is what this structure is built for), I would want to refer to it as the Vinyl Record Cratechitecture rather than Atlas. Come on, so much cooler, right?