From Vegan Soft-Serve Ice Cream to Vegan Chocolate Delights

 - Aug 1, 2014
People are adopting healthier lifestyles more than ever, but a dependence on fast food and processed goods has left some feeling unable to find something to enjoy; this collection of vegan desserts makes the lifestyle more realistic for those that simply can't imagine a life without ice cream or chocolate.

One aspect of many of the varieties found here that should definitely be taken note of is caloric content; don't let the vegan label fool you because while they may be animal product-free, they are definitely laden with natural fat. We're seeing more products that both imitate non-vegan varieties and stray off the beaten path to satisfy long-time followers of the lifestyle as well as newcomers. Perhaps as the recipes become better and more delicious we'll see a decrease in animal product-infused ones.