From 3D-Printed Earphone Converters to Furry Feline Earbuds

 - Dec 6, 2013
Even before the first IPod was launched, back in the days of the Sonya Walkman, people have been looking for unique earphones to match their unique chose in music.

Now that we live in a truly mobile world, where you can watch TV on the your phone, headphones aren't just for music anymore. The freedom to watch, listen and play anything you want whenever you want has made consumers desire to be more free in all aspects of their life.

Personalizing is a big part of the new digital age. If you have a weird phone case, colorful computer background and artistic laptop decal design, why wouldn't you want unique earphones?

Many of the unique earphones shown below are vary interesting and speak to the owners personality. Not only are they stylish, they make it easier to listen to music. For instance, the Music Friendly Toques allow you to listen to music while still keeping your head warm.