The Sprng Clip Prevents Earphones from Falling Out During Use

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: sprngclip & blessthisstuff
It's a minor nuisance that plagues the earbud music listener; the darn things pop out with any bit of movement, but the Sprng Clip looks to help ensure that when they're in your ear that they'll stay that way. Using a very simple and non-invasive method, the Sprng Clip snaps onto Apple EarPods and gently wedges them into your ear canal.

While the concept of wedging EarPods further into one's ear canal might seem a bit scary, the Sprng Clip actually uses just the right amount of pressure to keep the earphones in, but not forced. The simple product can help immensely during workouts when the integrity of the EarPods design is compromised with constant erratic movements.

Constructed from soft rubber to ensure comfort, the Sprng Clip is an innovative solution for a 21st century woe.