Evangelos Lee Gicas' Tangled Earphones Embraces Wire Messes

 - May 18, 2012
References: designbuzz
The twisted mess of earbud wires can be very frustrating, even with the outpouring of products designed to help alleviate the problem; the Tangled Earphones embraces it instead. A simple solution to an everyday problem, the Tangled Earphones allows people to be ok with the tangled mess their wires can become. The two cords come in different colors to make a funky, stylish pattern that will add a pop of color to people's outfits.

Designed by Evangelos Lee Gicas, the Tangled Earphones is simple and clean-lined aside from the flashy cyan and purple colors. It comes complete with an embedded stretchy and bendable remote as well as a microphone, which is particularly useful for Apple devices.