The Integrated Case Earphones Ensure That You're Always Audio-Equipped

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Integrated Case Earphones concept solves a pair of common problems. Firstly, you won't misplace your headphones or leave them behind because they're physically attached to your smartphone protector; secondly, you will not have to deal with that tiresome tangle of cables each time you go to wrap up and stash your audio entertainment device.

Yuljae Lee's product has the cords of the headset anchored inside of the mobile phone case; you can pull them out to a comfortable length and a single quick tug will retract them once more. The earpieces rest securely to the top corners of the cover with the help of magnets, and the Integrated Case Earphones remain mounted on an inner audio plug so that you're always connected to your music.