EarBudeez' Headphone Packaging Design Turns Earbuds Cartoony

Earbuds come in a variety of colors and styles, but even so, they're not a very expressive product—however, this playful headphone packaging design for EarBudeez infuses them with lots of personality. A product that you stick into your ear can rarely be called charming, but these EarBudeez certainly make an exception. The design is small and compact, taking a circular shape that turns the earbuds into facial features of some rather funny characters.

Each headphone color gets a matching persona, whether it's a winking girl who loves the color pink, a punk with a cyborg-like eye or a devilish looking skull with beady red eyes. In each of the designs, the EarBudeez logo gets a different treatment too, turning from a cute barrette to a bandage depending on whatever suits the personified package best.