Listen to Music and Be Intoxicated with the Scented Gummi Bear Earbuds

 - Aug 8, 2011
References: fredflare & technabob
Anyone who loves candy and music will probably get a kick out of the hilarious Scented Gummi Bear Earbuds.

Just as the name suggests, the Scented Gummi Bear Earbuds are a pair of earphones that smells just like the candy. The accessories features the adorable mammals that people love to eat (in candy form of course) as the focal design. These little critters will bring a fresh candy aroma that I'm sure many people will enjoy when you're walking down the streets listening to some tunes. The earbuds come in pink, green and blue. It doesn't say if there's a specific flavor smell that corresponds with the color, but I think as long as it has that familiar gummi bear smell, you'd be fine with it.