From Villainous Robot Sportswear to Optimus Prime Instruments

 - Apr 15, 2013
If you have a fascination with robots or simply enjoy items that can shift from one form to another, then these Transformer-inspired products will definitely bring back memories of the iconic robot television series that many of us grew up watching.

With the Transformers series being made into multiple big-screen movie adaptations over the past few years, there's no surprise that we've seen an influx of products and designs being influenced by this pop culture phenomenon. Everything from kitchenware sets to designer clothing lines can be seen showing iconic images of the Transformers robots such as Optimus Prime, and any fan of the series will surely want to add these creatively designed items to their collection of memorabilia.

These Transformer-inspired products will definitely attract any nerdy movie fan looking to outfit their homes with some strikingly realistic robot designs.