Rico Gonzalez Papa's Modified Megatron is Inspired by Transformers

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: shootingwire & neatorama
Transformers fans from around the world will surely want to get their hands on the Modified Megatron handgun. This utterly unique firearm will surely have Sam Witwicky wannabes lining up so that they can be the next human to save the world from potential alien robot invaders. Not your average 80s toy, however, the Modified Megatron handgun is a working firearm.

Owned by competitive shooting champion Rico Gonzalez Papa, the Modified Megatron handgun happens to look more like Bumblebee than Megatron when taking into account its colorway. Nevertheless, it has a definite Transformers look that will surely appease all those nitpickers out there. Well executed, the Modified Megatron handgun definitely looks like the real deal. Before anyone knows it, a whole line of Transformers guns will surely be developed.