This Real-Life Transformer is an Action Figure for Adults

 - Sep 15, 2012
References: en.rocketnews24 & odditycentral
Prepare for the ultimate transfiguring, large-scale toy, as a man from Jinan China has created his very own real-life Transformer, inspired by the Blockbuster movies.

The Hollywood Transformer franchise created a lot of fascination about the prospect of cars shifting, unfolding and morphing into the ultimate robot companion. A Chinese inventor took it upon himself to create his very own robot by investing six months of his time, a green truck and an LED screen. The car lifts up to reveal the comical robotic face that looks on inquisitively, and the doors extend to become transforming limbs.

More adorable than it is aggressive, the real-life Transformer is approximately 15 feet tall and six feet wide and can be used as a car when not in transformed mode.