From Noodle-Infused Tacos to Candied Mexican Dishes

 - Sep 17, 2014
Taco recipes are being infused with unusual ingredients to create a wide variety of nostalgic food hybrids that play off of Mexican cuisine. These tantalizing taco recipes cleverly revamp the traditional meat, cheese and bean-filled corn tortillas to offer consumers exciting and new food combinations.

If you like to experiment with food then tacos are a great place to start thanks to the opportunity to fill these corn shells with a wide variety of personalized toppings catered to your personal tastes. Burgers topped with crunchy shells and fake cookie tacos are great examples of taco fusion recipes. There is also the ramen taco that is a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine with a deep fried ramen noodle shell filled with unusual toppings like ranch dressing and ham.