From Vintage Floral Fashion Covers to Celebrity Duality Covers

 - Mar 26, 2013
With the wide variety of magazine publications on the market, there is an intense amount of competition to attract readers, and these striking magazine covers are some great examples of how magazines are trying to draw in consumers.

Covers are the first thing people see when they walk by, so creating a cover that is visually striking and eye-catching is essential in attracting customers. These striking covers includes all sorts of marketing techniques such as showcasing super popular celebrities to displaying bold catch phrases and colorfully vibrant fonts. Images and colors are aspects that instantly draw in people's gazes even if they don't know what the article is actually about, which is why these over-the-top and mesmerizing covers will definitely stand out amongst the more ordinary designs.

From covers showcasing pop sensation Rihanna to those that display vibrantly colored punk-inspired models, these strikingly beautiful magazine covers will definitely catch anyone's attention.