From Typographic Chess Sets to Eco-Friendly Gaming Pieces

 - Nov 28, 2012
For the avid chess and checker players who find that their original square playing boards are lacking a little pizzazz it may be time to spice up their strategy board games by investing in revamped atypical boards.

If you find yourself sitting down to a round of tactful game-play more than once a week, it is worthwhile to invest in a board that means something to you. You're going to be staring at the pieces and tiles for minutes (even hours), so you might as well see something that attracts you. Game boards are now designed after popular pop culture franchises like Harry Potter or Nintendo. The game boards have even been altered to be 3D, waved or shifted for more enjoyable and challenging matches.

If you like to bake, there are even strategy board games that let you cook up your own playing pieces, so you can eat them once you've achieved victory.