Democratic Chess Makes the Classic Strategy Game Fairer for the Pawns

 - May 15, 2011
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Seeing as how I couldn't even master a working knowledge of regular chess, I have no idea as to how I could ever understand Democratic Chess. Democratic Chess from Florian Hauswirth is a twist on the age-old game of strategy designed to make the game more democratic.

Although the rules haven't been fleshed out too much, Democratic Chess basically seems to be played like regular chess with the exception that captured pieces are not killed right away, but rather they are combined into one another to create stronger pieces. This makes the game more democratic, as the weaker pieces such as the pawns could now become the key piece in creating a super-strong new piece. As of now Democratic Chess is just another piece of modern art -- Hauswirth has no plans to develop it any further. It looks like pawns will continue to be pawns for a little while longer.