The type(chess)set is Ultra-Modern and Exudes Artistic Talent

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: hat-trickdesign & designboom
Chess and typography fans alike are sure to be pleased by the type(chess)set that transforms traditional pieces into contemporary art.

Designed in the classic black and white format, this chess set doesn't feature the usual medieval figurines, but rather capital letters for each one: K for king, Q for queen and so on. Designer Jim Sutherland had a tough time getting the design just right, as he told DesignBoom, "It was a really tricky production in order to get the fine detail and the counters sharp etc, plus making sure everything stood up properly for example the Q and P had to be redrawn for stability and the 'Kt' ligature for knight was redrawn."

The set is available over at the Hat-Trick Design site for £275.Additional Sources: designboom | hat-trickdesignPhoto Credits: designboom, hat-trickdesign