The Nixie Chessboard Kit Functions on an Induction Power System

 - Jun 30, 2012
References: lasermad & dvice
As Dvice aptly puts it, the Nixie Chessboard Kit effectively combines "nerdiness of chess with the retro-geekiness of vintage Nixie tubes." Utilizing the '80s Soviet-era tubes as chess pieces, it brings the strategy game to a whole new level. Complete with scientific symbols, this chess set can't get any better. Operating on an induction power system, the pieces in the Nixie Chessboard Kit remain lit until taken off the board.

Designed by Tony of Lasermad, the Nixie Chessboard Kit was created after a demand for his original prototype emerged. While all of the electronic elements have been previously assembled and tested, most of the components will have to be put together from scratch, making this a very long project even for the most seasoned kit builder and tech enthusiast.