The Naef Bauhaus Chess Set Values Mind Over Material Matter

 - Apr 11, 2011
References: shop.naefusa & uncrate
A game with the main focus of getting the gears moving upstairs doesn't need to be aesthetically elaborate, and an item like the Naef Bauhaus Chess Set will do the trick just fine.

Channeling the German utilitarian design movement, the collector's item is actually modeled on chessmen by Josef Hartwig from 1923. With each piece reduced to its basic geometric forms, this board game embodies a different sort of sculptural sophistication. Cubes play the biggest roll in this splendid wooden set, cut in different sizes to represent pawns and rooks, and the knights and bishops were rendered with slices taken from their hexahedron shapes. The king and queen are capped with a small cube and a sphere, giving the Naef Bauhaus Chess Set a rational appearance to match its role.