For Spreading Stimulus Package Green

 - Oct 12, 2008
With another stimulus package reportedly up for discussion in the House of Representatives, it’s time to think about how you’ll spread some of that green around; our hope is that you invest at least some of it in home improvement with these eco-friendly modifications.

Everyone’s home could stand to be a little greener. Whether it’s through showcasing art from recycled objects or utilizing biodegradable pillows, it’s easy to make your home more eco-friendly. And while many people often can’t justify setting aside their own hard-earned money to make green house modifications, the passage of a stimulus package--and thereby the possibility of another tax rebate check--presents some interesting prospects.

If you already know that any funds you receive from a stimulus package are going straight to bills or other expenditures, don’t worry. We’ve got eco-friendly items for your home that are appropriate for every budget, from tiny USB drives made from recycled paper to bamboo helmets and sustainable cork furniture. You don’t need to start your eco-friendly renovations with a ton of cash--the key is that you start at all.

While any details of a stimulus package are probably out of our control, one thing’s for sure: You have complete control over how eco-friendly your home is.