The 'Bio Pod' for Organic Waste

 - Aug 5, 2008
References: yankodesign
It is inevitable that putting organic food waste in landfills will be restricted or even prohibited in the years to come. With this in mind, designers are creating new, attractive ways to help home owners compost food waste. Jonathan Fenton has developed this concept design called the Bio Pod to deal with this.

The Bio Pod uses vacuum ionization to create a, “hygienic, bacteria and odour free environment that encourages the user to recycle organic waste.” The 'Pod' slows the decomposition rate of the waste so you can make less trips to the outdoor composter without the problems of smells and pests which can occur in as little as a day of indoor storage.

LED lights on the lid indicate the condition of the waste materials; a blue light means the waste is fresh, green tells you that decomposition has started, and red means the unit needs to be emptied. The unit is dishwasher safe removable liner, uses a 9 volt battery, and has an insulated body.