Clean Energy for Green Gardens

 - Sep 20, 2008   Updated: Jul 5 2011
References: treehugger
While there are people out there who consider just turning a compost tumbler too much hard work, Team Broken Spokes is riding the extra mile for composting with their pedal-powered compost turner.

For most applications, a simple handle would do, but adding the bike-powered option provides for more turning capacity, which ultimately means more compost.

Apparently it's remarkably easy and fun to use--and just think of the exercise benefits!

Implications - The global rise of eco consciousness has made certain practices, such as excessive wasting, taboo. Consumers looking to do their part in reducing carbon emissions are investing in products that simplify the recycling, composting and disposal process. These innovations centred around waste reduction are popping up regularly in the homes of eco-friendly consumers.