Eco Re-Cover Lids

 - Aug 29, 2008
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Re-purposing old glass jars is much better than tossing them away, so Megan Landry's cleverly designed covers gives the glass jars new life.

Her GROW collection is perfect for the kitchen window. One lid makes a jar into a small watering can, another makes it into a unique plant pot perhaps for herbs and yet another is used to make a simple herb preserver.

Her JUICE collection includes a juicer lid, a rim cover for drinking and a cover to store the juice when on the go.

One of her DRINK lids incorporate an optional tea infuser. The other converts the glass jar into a universal beverage container,

Landry's Re-Cover Lids were part of her thesis project exploring ways to reduce and reuse products. Her well thought out and designed lids are definitely worthy of moving from the design phase to manufacture.