From Contained Citrus Confections to Bottled Society Sculptures

 - Mar 7, 2012
These jarred creations will have you looking at your jars in a whole new light. Hold a tiny world in the palm of your hand, or enjoy a sweet reprieve with a lemon meringue cake, each carefully contained in an everyday mason jar. These adaptive containers have also lent their aesthetics to light fixtures, wine glasses and match holders. You probably never realized just how darn clever that boring jam jar of yours really was.

Delightfully homey and simple, mason jars are unimposing containers that let their contents speak for themselves. Full of old world charm and devoid of unnecessary flourish, jars are the perfect stage for a tiny diorama or the ideal ambassador for a brightly colored jam. The perfect complement to anything you care to put in it, mason jars are unexpectedly adaptable.

These jarred creations will surprise you with their beauty and variety.