Bamboo Phone Sprouts Seeds After Composting

 - Feb 27, 2008
References: core77
This is a truly incredible cellular phone that has taken modern recycling methods and environmental consciousness into major consideration. The Bamboo phone is not only biodegradable, but when it is thrown in the compost, seeds stored within it are released and begin to sprout new shoots.

Once the phone is no longer of use, the user removed the batter, antenna and print board and tosses throws the casing, which is filled with seedlings, in the compost. These new seedlings will eventually become bamboo trees, the thought behind it being that they will counteract the environmental impacts made by the manufacturing process.

Could a modern electronic possibly get any more eco friendly? It was actually entered in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition by Gert-Jan van Breugel, a designer from the Netherlands.

The bamboo phone's casing consists of bio-plastic made of renewable materials like corn as well as bamboo. On top of that, it's recharged via muscle power, to further reduce impact on the environment. Three minutes of cranking give the phone enough juice for a call, which gives the phone a never source of energy.

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